Books designed to help couples draw closer together

Scripture Therapy Life Coaching for Couples is a devotion plan that provides avenues for couples to have light hearted discussions on sensitive but important topics aimed at strengthening relationships and improving a couple’s quality of life.

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Do-it-yourself Couples Counselling 
Do-it-yourself Pre-Marriage Counselling
Do-it-yourself Dating Guide

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Do-it-yourself Couples Counselling

Being married and understanding how to live with one’s partner in a loving and harmonious manner comes easy for some, but for many, it’s not so easy. It involves a never-ending life-long process of continuous learning and trying to figure out the formula for a happy marriage.

Scripture Therapy for Strengthening Love in Relationships is a self-help book that provides steps to address common issues affecting dating or marriage relationships. It features 150 self-assessment questions, inspirational scriptures and practical exercises to shape one into being the best they can be. It also features discussion questions on practical topics to make it easier for couples to address sensitive but important issues in a non-argumentative and peaceful manner.

Do-it-yourself Pre-Marriage Counselling and Dating Guide

Are you dating someone, engaged or hoping to be in this position very soon?

Scripture Therapy for Strengthening Love in Relationships is a Do-it-yourself Pre-Marriage Counselling and Dating guide designed to prepare individuals for dating and married life. Many couples start off well in a relationship, but run into problems after a while that cause the bond of love and unity to become broken. The Scripture Therapy series of books provide steps to help address this issue by improving areas of one’s life that could cause problems in a relationship.

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